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The Benefits of Regulation

Effective standards and safeguards provide health, safety and finaical security for American families; and are a key component of a strong economy. Learn more.



Regulations and Jobs

Standards and safeguards protect existing jobs and can spur innovation, which creates more jobs or even entire new industries. Lost consumer confidence and shaky financial markets are the real job killers. Learn more.



Attacks and Delays on the Regulatory System

When corporate interests override the public interest and dominate the policymaking process, Congress and government agencies can't do their job to safeguards public health, the environment, the financial system, worker rights, and more. Learn More.


Regulations and Public Health and Safety

Standards and safeguards benefit everyone by protecting us from threats that are not readily apparent or are too big for any individual to fight alone. We need to ensure that all product sold in the United States are safe and that workers are protected on the job. Learn more.


Regulations and the Environment

All Americans and their families expect and deserve clean air and clean water in order to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. Environmental safeguards are part of a robust system of regulations that allow a high quality of life. Limits on toxic industrial polluters prevent sickness and save lives. Learn More.


Regulations and the Financial Industry

The 2008 financial crash that threw the economy into a tailspin and led to the loss of eight million jobs was a direct result of deregulation that the financial industry lobbied for and continues to promote. Learn more.