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Our Mission

Our country’s system of regulatory protections provides a stable framework that secures our quality of life and paves the way for a sound economy. Federal regulations dealing with food and consumer products, safe air and drinking water, healthy working conditions, equal opportunity, and reliable financial structures, for example, protect all of us from harm.

Failure to provide adequate safeguards diminishes economic well-being, undermines public health and safety, and allows special interests to escape accountability for their actions. Wall Street and big corporations have benefitted from this failure at the expense of average Americans. Both special interests and government must be held accountable to ensure that federal regulations are sensible, effective, and enforced.

Powerful special interests are working with sympathetic politicians to roll back public protections, create roadblocks that would stop improvements to standards, and cut funding for enforcement of important rules already in place. These attacks target not only safeguards but also the role of government itself as a protector of the middle class and vulnerable populations.

Since early 2011, these special interests have attacked our federal protections through:

  • Proposed spending cuts for key agencies
  • Riders to budget bills that limit agency actions
  • Proposed legislation that would hamstring agencies and give special interests unfair advantages
  • Initiatives to devolve federal responsibilities to the states
  • Wasteful congressional hearings, investigations, and time-consuming requests for reports

Our mission is to raise awareness of the threats to our system of safeguards and serve as advocates on Capitol Hill to ensure that lawmakers do not engage in rolling back standards that protect the environment, workplace safety, financial security and more.