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Why join the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards?

Our country’s system of regulatory safeguards provides a stable framework that secures our quality of life and paves the way for a sound economy that benefits us all. These public protections, such as those dealing with food and consumer products, drinking water, safe and healthy working conditions, financial services, equal educational opportunity, civil rights, toxic pollution, the well-being of children, and health care, are vital to everyone.

American prosperity, health, and welfare are linked to these and other measures the country has put in place over the years. Failure to provide adequate safeguards informed by science diminishes economic well-being, undermines public health and safety, jeopardizes the prudent use of natural resources, and undercuts the common good.

Unfortunately, these safeguards are under attack today. Powerful special interests are working with politicians to roll back public protections, to create roadblocks that would stop improvements to standards, and to cut funding for enforcing the rules already in place.

We call on President Obama and Congress to advance regulatory protections, preserve existing safeguards, and provide adequate funding for their effective implementation and enforcement.

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